About Atomy

Atomy is a free membership-based, consumer-buying club for high-quality, low-cost everyday necessary consumer goods. Simply switch brands to Atomy to enjoy significant consumer savings with no fees and no obligations. Atomy consumer goods improve your total wellness in body, finances and spirit!

Atomy offers FREE MEMBERSHIP with no fees and no obligations. Members enjoy online shopping mall with integrated ordering and fulfillment services. Direct shipments to consumers are completely under each Member’s control through a free, private and secure individual website page.

Atomy Member consumers enjoy Atomy’s products that are hi-tech, herbal, functional, eco-friendly that are patented and FDA approved. Product categories span Health Care, Skin Care, Personal Care, Home Care, Food and more. New Products are constantly under development by our manufacturing partners to be introduced exclusively to the Atomy free consumer buying club. Atomy products are not available in stores, nor on TV shopping channels.

The customer value proposition includes: ‘Absolute Quality’ (same or better than top brands) and ‘Absolute Low Price’ (same or lower than big box stores). More, the company passes on lean manufacturing saving to members.

All Members have the opportunity (and option) to receive loyalty profit sharing income, cash bonuses, and other rewards as a ‘Member Agent’. The Atomy company generously shares the majority of its profits (70%) with Member Agents. Free apprenticeship training and mentorship is provided. This is suitable for extra income, primary income and/or retirement income. Income is recurring to three (3) generations. Rest easy – there are no investments, no fees, no ordering, no inventory and no selling required! Simply care, share and love your neighbors! All connected Members benefit from both their individual purchases AND from each other’s purchases.(This is a very unique loyalty system – profit sharing – in addition to everyday savings!) As you can see, this is a new kind of company for the people!

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