Atomy Customer Value

The Atomy Member Value Proposition is as follows:

1. Members Enjoy ‘ABSOLUTE QUALITY’ products that are comparable or better than top brands sold at the best department stores. ATOMY products incorporate patented and proprietary technologies and have FDA approvals. (Read more below.)

2. Members enjoy ‘ABSOLUTE LOW PRICES’ that are comparable or better than prices at big box stores. (Read more below.)

3. Members Enjoy FREE MEMBERSHIP
With Atomy Free Membership there is $0 membership fee, no minimum order quantities, no automatic orders, and Members have full control over their ordering. (Read more details and register for FREE MEMBERSHIP.)

4. Members have the option to receive LOYALTY INCOME, CASH BONUSES AND OTHER REWARDS as a Member Agent with no investment and no fees. (Read more below.)

Atomy’s everyday consumer products incorporate special technologies, patents and characteristics. Atomy’s products are herbal and highly functional products that incorporate various biotechnology, nanotechnology, as well as fermentation, clarity, time release and radiation technologies of KOLMAR BNH and its joint venture partners.

For example, Atomy skin care products have up to 500x more beneficial herbal ingredients than competing top brands – with no odors, no discoloration and no toxins. More, Atomy’s no-toxin, herbal ingredients are made with nano-particles that are smaller in size than the size of human skin pores, so the high quantities of non-toxin, beneficial herbal ingredients penetrate skin pores down to five levels of the skin. Then time release technology actively works all day to nourish and moisturize the skin from the inside out. These are unique healthy and functional products!

Atomy’s company policy is to continuously develop, produce and supply high-quality products offered to Members at ‘Absolute Low Price’.

‘Absolute Low Price’ is a policy to keep prices as low as possible by keeping a small headquarters staff (less than 10 persons), applying state-of-art ‘lean manufacturing’ processes, continuously lowering material ingredient costs and by using a direct sales and distribution model (“Pro-Sumer”) that relies upon word of mouth promotion by Atomy Members and Member Agents, giving memmbers a free online shopping mall and by not selling in stores and not selling on TV shopping channels.

In addition, the company does not pay for advertising and does not produce, offer or pay for samples. More, whenever the company achieves cost reduction through lean production or other cost savings, it has a policy to pass such additional savings onto Members.

Thus, by keeping Absolute Low Cost, the lowest possible prices are enjoyed by all Members, while the company is also able to provide profit sharing, cash bonuses and other rewards to Member Agents (those who decide to more intentionally and actively share and introduced Atomy to other consumers for income).

Atomy Member Agent income opportunity can be pursued as extra income, primary income or retirement income – with recurring income benefit. There are no investments, no fees, no obligations to be a Member Agent. And there is free apprenticeship training and a free website.

The Member Agent role is to care, share and love your neighbors by introducing the good and cheap functional Atomy products to others with free membership. This is social networking with eCommerce and benefits for all connected members. This activity can be done in the course of everyday life by listening to people needs for better health, savings and income. No selling required!
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