Atomy Goals and Vision

ATOMY means ‘atom beauty’. Atomy Korea, Inc. was founded in 2006 in South Korea as the exclusive global distributor of products that are produced by Atomy Joint Venture (“JV”) Partners who are global manufacturers that use R&D and production technologies from the USA (90 year old global manufacturer), South Korea and Japan. (Read about Atomy JV Partners)

In the USA, Atomy America, Inc., was founded in 2010. The company has two distribution centers, so far, in the states of Washington and New Jersey. All Atomy purchases support local incomes of families and neighbors.

ATOMY Company Goals
Atomy’s first goal is to be the number one supplier in the world of everyday necessary consumer goods that promote wellness through Health Care, Skin Care, Personal Care, Home Care, Food and other products – with fully satisfied consumers. Products are hi-tech, herbal, functional, patented, FDA approved and eco-friendly – and have won awards in global markets.

Atomy’s second goal is to have the largest number of high income earning Member Agents in the world. This is accomplished through Atomy’s generous company income sharing (70%) with qualified members (‘agents’) – with no fees, no investments, no obligations, no inventory and no selling required!

ATOMY Has Solid Management with Big Vision

Atomy_Mr_HanGill_PARK‘Absolute Quality’ at ‘Absolute Low Price’ that are available to all people around the world through ‘word of mouth’ advertising with ordering and shipment managed by consumers themselves through a state-of-art ATOMY Cyber Shopping Mall. [/wpcol_3quarter_end]Mr. PARK envisions people saving money on all their basic everyday necessities while enjoying luxury quality goods that enhance one’s inner and outer health and beauty – as well as their Spirit, for total wellness.

Moreover, Mr. PARK has designed a simple and very generous business system that allows those who want to use only their time and energy to generate a generous living income and recurring income – with no monetary investment, no inventory and no fees required. This business system is especially generous to beginners and is designed to maximize the number of people who will succeed to earn an attractive recurring income from Atomy branded products.

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