Atomy JV Partners

ATOMY is the exclusive global distributor of everyday necessary consumer goods that are primarily produced by KOLMAR BNH at this time. (Certain other manufacturers who meet the Absolute Quality and Absolute Low Cost principles of Atomy are selectively approved to supply Atomy Members as well.)

KOLMAR BNH’s Joint Venture Partners are Global Leaders
KOLMAR BNH (Beauty & Health) (formerly called Sun Biotech, Co. Ltd.) of South Korea is a joint venture company.

One joint venture partner is KOLMAR KOREA (79.9% ownership) (see Kolmar Korea website) that licenses technologies from KOLMAR USA – a 90+ year old company that holds 20% market share for cosmetics and medicine manufacturing and packaging (see KOLMAR USA website).

The other KOLMAR BNH joint venture partner is the Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute – called KAERI (20.1% ownership), an agency of the South Korean national government that seeks to share its scientific capabilities for social good across the globe (especially KAERI’S Food Life Engineering Research Team).

KOLMAR BNH (Sun Biotech, Co.) was formed in 2006 and is the first enterprise in which the South Korean national government is a shareholder (by national law) – so the company is very stable. Product Research and Development started in 2002 (for HemoHIM). (Read about KEIRI’S Nuclear R&D Technology Cooperation (Transfer) to Sun Biotech here.)

ATOMY Korea became the exclusive global distributor for KOLMAR BNH products in 2006 and began to build the South Korean market first – where it has become a market leader. Today Atomy Korea Inc. has 5 country branches. There are over 3.2 Million Atomy members as of June 2014.

Atomy America, Inc. (the 100% owned subsidiary of Atomy Korea, Inc.) was established in the USA market in 2010. ATOMY has a distribution warehouse in the Seattle, WA area and opened a second USA distribution warehouse in New Jersey in July 2013 to serve its growing USA Members.

ATOMY future plans are to develop USA locally sourced products as well that meet the Absolute Quality and Absolute Low Price standards of the company. ATOMY is also active and expanding in various other global markets. People from 36 countries to date are purchasing Atomy products. Atomy Member Agents are eligible to earn recurring profit sharing income from all geographic locations with only one Membership ID account number.

About South Korea (Republic of Korea)
The Republic of Korea (South Korea), located in East Asia between China and Japan, has a history of over 3,000 years. South Korea has been an economic and military ally of the United States of America for over 65 years.

Today, South Korea is a member of the G-20 major global economies and is a leading country in many areas – including Gross Domestic Product (#15 nominal GDP), purchasing power (#12), math/reading/science skills of 15 year olds (#1) and literacy rate (99%).

South Korean companies are global leaders in many industries including: mobile phones, electronics, robotics, automobiles, shipbuilding, fashion, entertainment (music and TV dramas) and cosmetics. Top global South Korean brands include Samsung, LG and Hyundai.

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