Atomy shares the majority of its company income to its individual Members as loyalty profit sharing income.

Are you looking for an opportunity for extra income on a part time or full time basis for today, tomorrow and/or retirement? Do you often share information with people about great products, experiences and/or wellness tips? Do you use and love Atomy products? Then step up your sharing and caring and become an Atomy Member Agent today!

There are no fees and no investment required to be an Atomy Member Agent. All Members are eligible. You use your same FREE Membership ID number and you benefit from your past purchases and the past purchases of connected members!

Atomy Member Agents typically first fall in love with Atomy products as a Member consumer and then decide to become an Atomy Member Agent to be eligible for SIGNIFICANT profit sharing and other bonuses, in addition to Member savings and benefits.
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The roles of the Atomy Member Agent are:
1) To introduce Atomy products with prospective consumers in natural conversations and to share personal testimonials about your satisfaction with Atomy products,
2) To introduce the proven and generous income system to those seeking profit sharing income on a part-time or full time basis, and
3) To support connected Atomy Members to plan and work together to achieve balanced life and income goals. (Free leadership training and mentoring are available.)

Qualifications to Succeed as an Atomy Agent:
YES you can do it and we will support and encourage you to succeed to achieve passive income and financial freedom!
Successful Atomy Member Agents are open, positive and active people who like to help others and who are willing to learn, be mentored and to smartly use their time and effort to build their recurring passive income – with NO monetary investment and NO other fees.

As you know, the Atomy business model is a consumer-driven business. Consumers voluntarily reorder Atomy everyday consumer goods products for their wellness based on their satisfaction with the products’ Absolute High Quality and Absolute Low Price. Consumers use their free Membership ID, to shop at their convenience on the online Atomy eShopping Mall site. Payments for products are done privately and securely online between each Consumer Member with Atomy America Inc. via the official Atomy eShopping Mall. Sales taxes are collected during the ordering process. Shipments are made only when initiated and authorized by Members themselves. Then shipments are delivered directly to the Member’s designated location.

For Atomy Member Agents, this consumer-driven online ordering system means that there is NO inventory, NO inventory management, NO inventory financing, NO order taking and NO sales tax management required. Each registered Member has their own private, secure and FREE, “My Office” page on the online Atomy eShopping site where they can track their own purchases, shipments and accumulated loyalty Point Values (PV).

If you are interested to build recurring income as an Atomy Member Agent and achieve financial freedom, then contact us at (no obligation). Please provide your name, email address and telephone number. We will contact you to provide a free orientation and answer any questions.

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