Personal Care

These are the current Personal Care products offered by Atomy.

Aidam (cleanser)

Lovely and refreshing oriental cleanser. Fresh natural aroma. Made with herb water and 9 organic herbs. Patented ingredients.
(for feminine hygiene)

Atomy Body Rich (Body lotion)

Natural Aroma | Essential Oils | 7 Fresh Herbs (apple, shea butter, fennel, lavender, basil, rosemary, licorice)

Hair and Body

Oriental Herbal Treatment line for hair and body (Herbal Shampoo, Herbal Conditioner, Herbal Treatment Hair Pack, Hair Treatment Liquid, Body Cleanser):
keep the scalp, hair and body healthy, moisture-and-nutrition-balanced, and glossy.

Hand Soap

Atomy hand soap removes bacteria on hands and skin. It is suitable for children due to the mild and soft composition. Maintains moisture after washing to help prevent dry skin.

Herbal Day

4 herbs, 6-layered structure, 10 countries, award winner
(feminine pads)

Toothpaste Propolis

Natural propolis toothpaste is anti-bacterial, has green tea extract, and its nano-particles polish and protect.

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