Skin Care 6 System


(Application of the components of the Skin Care 6 System vary by skin type (oil, dry etc.). Instructions are found within the package.)

Atomy Skin Care 6 System made with natural ingredients extracted from plants in their natural state. These luxury skin care cosmetics are produced by a combination of 3 major advanced technologies. A popular luxury product minus the price bubble.

Details about Individual ITEMS in Skin Care 6 System:

trouble care

Cares for various skin with biotechnology of fresh organic herb tea that are well-being certified.
moisturizing care

Black yeast beta-glucan, a moisturizing factor developed by fermentation life science, attracts moisture in the air and continuously moisturizes the skin.
ESSENCE (50 ml):
nutrition care

Phellinus linteus rice generated by culturing and fermentating Phellinus linteous mycelia on brown rice is made into 100% nano particles and penetrates deep into skin.
CREAM (50 ml):
aging care

Phellinus linteus Paecilomyces japonica of Korean medicine fermentation science generated by fermenting Paecilomyces Japonica on natural Pellinus linteus and Phellinus linteus rice, Polysaccharine, which is a skin protections ingredient of Phelinus linteus, and rich amino acids of vegetable worms help give elasticity of skin.
EYE CREAM (33 ml):
wrinkle improvement

As wrinkle improvement functional adenosine substance approved by KFDA, it plays a very important role on energy metabolism of the skin. This is a functional cosmetic product.
BB CREAM (40 ml):
whitening function SPF30, PA++

This is a double function product for whitening and UV screening functions. Protects skin from harmful external elements and keeps the skin clean and clear.

Among various herbal materials that have been used for several thousands of years, as well as grains, the materials of which efficacies were approved also by modern science were selected.

Fresh Organic Herb Tea
First to acquire wellbeing certificate in the cosmetic field, fresh organic herb harvested and purified in the farm within a day. Organic herb tea which cares for various skin troubles to maintain healthy skin.

Comparison of dry & fresh organic base material

Dried liquid agent used by others


New Atomy Method: Fresh organic herbs used
Rosemarinus officinalis, houttuynia cordata, lavender, chamomile, fennel seed, basil, marshmallow
7 fresh organic herbs used in Atomy are cultivated in the Angel farm with organic method.

Black Yeast Beta-Glucan
Developed black yeast beta-glucan, a natural moisturizing factor by fermenting grains, with proprietary technologies.
Black yeast beta-glucan maintains health to skin, to safeguard against harmful factors through skin moisturizing reinforcement.


Phellinus linteus rice
A crystallized technology of fermentation that Phellinus linteus rice comprising fungi of Phellinus linteus grown in effective components of brown rice provides sufficient nutrition to make the skin transparent and elastic.


Phellinus linteus Paecilomyces Japonica
Applying the Korean medicine aging biotechnology of the rich amino acids of Phellinus linteus Paecilomyces Japonica obtained by fermenting Phellinus linteus with Paecilomyces Japonica(best skin efficacy among mushrooms). An energy source for skin vitality with Korean herbal life science technology, assist health and elasticity to make the skin beautiful.


Diospyros kaki leaf extracts
Contains vitamin C, tannin, vitamin & flavonoid, bioactive substance

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