Atomy Everyday Consumer Club educates consumers all about Atomy. Atomy is a consumer goods buying club that offers exclusive global distribution of luxury brand quality everyday necessary goods at discount store prices through a cyber/internet shopping mall. Atomy’s objective is customer success. Atomy offers prestige products at affordable prices for the mass market (‘mass-tige). Atomy commitment is ‘Absolute Quality‘ (equal or better than top brands) at ‘Absolute Lowest Price‘ (equal or lower than discount stores) Over 3.5 Million consumer members (as of October 2014) are enjoying Atomy products made with patented technologies. Join us by signing up for your Free Membership
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(Note: In case you are wondering, Atomy means: atom + y (beauty))


1. Atomy offers everyday necessary consumer goods in many categories that consumers are already using everyday.
2. Atomy offers products with Absolute High Quality (equal or better than top brands) with patented and proprietary technologies.
3. Atomy offers products with Absolute Lowest Price (equal or lower than discount stores and big box stores). Atomy gives ongoing cost reduction savings to consumer Members based on continuous lean production improvements.
4. Atomy consumers enjoy savings everyday of the year that are 58%, or even more.
5. Atomy consumers enjoy free membership, no fees, no obligations; plus generous loyalty points from both one’s individual purchases AND from connected group members’ purchases.
6. Consumers have complete control. They shop anytime on the online Atomy shopping-distribtion HUB and have an individual free website page (“myoffice” page) where they their track orders, deliveries and monitor loyalty income points.
7. Shopping on Atomy distribution HUB supports local and global incomes of consumers and promoting balanced healthy lives. Atomy’s offers a new capitalism for the masses (“Mas-tilism”) which is solving the job creation problem and the wealth distribution problem.

Atomy Everyday offers free seminars to guide consumers – as individuals, families, social groups and organizations, to maximize their Atomy savings and to maximize Atomy loyalty income potential. Learn how switching to Atomy brand products creates extra-income, living-income and retirement income for yourself AND for your connected members. All have Atomy free membership, no fees, no obligations, no investment and no selling required! Members are using their loyalty income for debt reduction and for expenses for college, health care, to fund businesses and to support social causes.
Email us at info@atomyeveryday.com to join or schedule a seminar or a small group discussion in your area. (free and no obligation of course!)

Learn About Atomy mission, management team, and partners for R&D technology development and manufacturing – who are continually developing new technologies and products for Atomy members.

* Health Care * Skin Care * Personal Care * Home Care * Food * Special Sets * More products constantly being developed and introduced by our ecosystem of R&D, farming and manufacturing partners.
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HemoHIM Mixed Herbal Extract | (Health Care) –
FDA Approved Immune System Booster/Functional Food Supplement | Herbal | Antioxidant | Patented in 6 Countries – USA, South Korea, Japan, UK, Germany, Italy

TESTIMONIAL about HemoHIM Mixed Herbal Extract

Rich H. shares his personal testimonial about how taking Atomy’s HemoHIM helped him overcome fibromyalgia and get back to walking and to bowling.

For more information about HemoHIM, including third party scientific reports and patent information, go to HemoHIM Plus page.

Atomy Probiotic 10+ (Health Care)
3 Billion Lactobacilli (10 types)
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Atomy Sun Screen SPF 50+(Skin Care)
UVA and UVB skin protection (white/beige)
Centella extract, lemon balm extract, and other fresh herbs

Atomy Skin Care 6 System
Fermented rice water based line with natural herb extracts (500x more beneficial ingredients than competing top brands (patented))
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New products are continuously being developed by our R&D and manufacturing partners – KOLMAR BNH Joint Venture, for exclusive global distribution through the online
Atomy Cyber Shopping Mall with free Membership.