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ATOMY Everyday product are items that everyone needs in their daily life – from HemoHIM to health care, personal care, home care, food and more. The uniqueness of ATOMY products are that they are “curated” and “mass-tige” products – all for the benefit of customer success. The company was build from the ground-up and across the supplier ecosystem for this value proposition for the customer.

“CURATED” means only the “best of the best” of each item is selected/offered – not thousands of choices of the same item. This save customer time to select and saves the cost of returning inferior products. This ATOMY “curated” product policy is like in a high end museum – where only the masterpieces are shown on the walls in a museum – while the #2 piece (on down) are stored in the museum’s warehouses.

“MASS-TIGE policy means products have both ‘Absolute High Quality’ at ‘Absolute Low Price’. High Quality like the best brands sold in top department stores WITH Absolute Low Price – at the same or lower price than a discount store, home TV shopping or discount webstore. Yes this low price is everyday of the year. Thus, preTIGE products for the everyday MASSes of people – “MASS-TIGE”.

ATOMY Products Introduction Video by DM Emily Lim

VIDEO: “ATOMY Products Introduction Video by DM Emily Lim at New Jersey Success Academy”

This ATOMY Products Introduction by DM Emily Lim at USA New Jersey Success Academy is a good general overview of ATOMY product categories and includes descriptions of various product’s purpose, ingredients, and technologies. Categories covered include HemoHIM, Health Care, Skin Care, Personal Care, Home Care, and Food.

ATOMY Products Introduction Video by SM Cesar Olanday

VIDEO: ATOMY Products Introduction Presentation by SM Cesar Olanday at NJ Seminar”

SM Cesar Olanday provides a general overview of all the product categories offered by ATOMY. (Pre-covid19)

Specific Product Videos on Category Pages

Specific ATOMY Product Videos are available on the Product Category Pages:

HemoHIM (click here)

Health Care (click here)

Skin Care (click here)

Personal Care (click here)

Home Care

Food (click here)


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