On this page you will find videos on ATOMY Company, ATOMY Vision and Cashback from ATOMY Online Shopping Platform. Find out about the excellence of ATOMY and how ATOMY Online Shopping Malls enables ordinary consumers to realize their big dreams and live a balanced life of health in body, spirit and finances.

ATOMY Company

What is the ATOMY Company? In short it is a free, online consumer shopping mall offering over 400 “curated” “mass-tige” products (Absolute High Quality with Absolute Low Affordable Prices). Started in 2009 in South Korea ATOMY was built from the ground up for customer success.

The company operates with lean management and operations systems comprised of local offices and distribution in 30+countries (as of July 2021 countries with $1.4 Billion (as of 2020 December).

Consumer members who exclusively buy direct from manufacturers through the official ATOMY online web mall can receive loyalty points. These turn into cashback. Everything is free, except for the products members voluntarily purchase with no fees, no obligations and no risks.


ATOMY Company Introduction 2020 Video

ATOMY Company Introduction 2021 Free Cashback Platform SRM Syl Di Diego

ATOMY Company Introduction 2021: Free Cashback Platform SRM Syl Di Diego

Learn all about Atomy Company’s online consumer shopping platform that generously shares profits as rebate cashback. Daily necessary products are of Absolute High quality and at Absolute Low affordable low prices. The Platform is free to consumers and consumer income seekers. SRM Syl Di Diego gives a through introduction.


ATOMY 2021 Company Profile Video

“ATOMY 2021 Company Profile – The Global Online Consumer Platform”

Looking for latest snapshot of ATOMY? This ATOMY Company Introduction 2021, in 15 minutes, gives you that overview from SRM Syl Di Diego – Vision, Mission, Platform, Distribution, Achievements, Management, Compensation and Real Prize of ATOMY.


ATOMY Vision

What is the big idea and vision for ATOMY online shopping mall platform? Why is it such an attractive and necessary option and opportunity in this current and emerging economic environments? Listen to SRM DiDi and CEO Han-Gill PARK.


ATOMY Personal Vision Video

“ATOMY Is Achievable, Even For Someone With Limitations by SRM DIDI”

“ATOMY Is Achievable, Even For Someone with Limitations by SRM DiDi”

SRM DIDI shares her personal ATOMY Vision and how even a person with disabilities and limitations can succeed in ATOMY. Find out the Big business of ATOMY and learn both practical steps and key leadership characteristics for success.


ATOMY Company Vision Video

“ATOMY Vision ” Crisis to Opportunity” by CEO Han-Gill PARK”

Learn about the CRISIS of the 4th Industrial Revolution on available high paying jobs and increasing inequality of the distribution of wealth. Find out from CEO Han-Gill PARK the good news of Free OPPORTUNITY of ATOMY Online Shopping Platform that provides opportunity for the common man to be healthy, beautiful and powerful while earning, cashback and residual income.


Cash Earning Opportunity at ATOMY Online Mall

ATOMY Online NWM Marketplace Advantages Video

“ATOMY Online NWM Marketplace Advantages by SRM Syl Di Diego”

Wondering what is so advantageous about shopping at ATOMY Online NWM Marketplace? Curious about how ATOMY benefits you as consumer and as cashback residual income earner? Wondering why ATOMY is better than any other eCommerce Marketplace? Then watch this video by ATOMY SRM Syl Di Diego to understand this huge opportunity that is free !


ATOMY Compensation Plan Video

“Easy Way to Explain ATOMY Compensation Plan by SRM Syl Di Diego”

“Easy Way to Explain ATOMY Compensation Plan by SRM Syl Di Diego”

ATOMY shares profits with consumers as cashback rebates. SRM Syl Di Diego explains this is a huge opportunity for loyal, active ATOMY consumers to earn hundreds (or more) in cashback per month. For consumer entrepreneurs there is free opportunity to earn up thousands per month up to $50,000 per month in residual passive income (over time).


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