These forms are available for your convenience to download (then print). There is a New Membership Registration Form, Forms Related to Payments (W-9 and Direct Deposit), as well as several forms for your Success Tracking. Master of Ceremonies Guide & Other Tools .


Here is Atomy New Member Registration Form with information needed to sign up new members.


***Note: The W-9 Form and the Direct Deposit Form can be input directly in the ATOMY online shopping mall. After you sign in to ATOMY mall with your Member ID, there will be a pop up asking you to fill in the online form.***

W-9 Form (required before you receive a payment)

When you are ready to receive your first payment you must first send this form directly to Atomy America Inc. so the company can issue your payment.

REMINDER: be sure to write your MEMBER ID at top of the W-9 form BEFORE sending. (Note: see below for sending information.)

(Note: At the end of each year, this W-9 information is used by Atomy America Inc. to directly send you a 1099-MISC tax form – which is a summary of total payments made to you during the year. Use such 1099-MISC information to report the income on your individual income tax filing.)

Direct Deposit (to your banking account)

This form is for Atomy America Inc. to directly deposit payment to your checking account. You will send this directly to company (see below). (Note: Any paper check payment by mail will incur a charge that is deducted from your payment amount.)

Where to Send W-9 and Direct Deposit Forms

Mail to Atomy America Inc. 33801 1st Way S. Ste #301 Federal Way. WA 98003. Send by email to Send by facsimile to 253-946-2345. Call company customer service 253-946-2344 during business hours Mon – Fri (9:00 am – 5:00 pm) PST / (12:00 Noon to 8:00 pm EST).

Other ATOMY Forms

Other ATOMY Company forms can be found on the official ATOMY Online Shopping Mall in the “My Office” section after logging in with your Member ID and Password. Look in the Resources page here.

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